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A new way to love

2-day immersive workshop to get real and set you up for success in deeper intimacy in relationships

A new way to love

2-day immersive workshop to get real and set you up for success in deeper intimacy in relationships


I want to feel powerful and confident

I support men who struggle with relationships and inner insecurity to an empowered life of embodied confidence and joy.

Feel safe and experience transforming intimacy

I support women who have been hurt by the masculine to regain their inner safety, their radiance and trust in men and intimacy. 

Save my relationship and experience deeper love

I support relationships to break negative cycles and codependency and move back into healthy polarity, aliveness and love. 





We talk honestly during a free call about what you would like to experience, your challenge and how I work so we both get to feel into each other. If both have a YES we start the journey together.



We go to the core of things. I do not treat the symptoms but see them as guides to the underlying, often unconscious wounds from our history. By working with the body through the nervous system and more, your mind and its limiting beliefs as well as your spiritual understanding you can expect lasting and deep changes. 

Our ability for authenticity and intimacy in a relationship are highly influenced by our experiences and the deeper beliefs we carry. 

The wounds run much of our life until we see them and learn to meet them with compassion. When we see and meet the original need we start to build empowerment and safety that will resonate into all aspects of your life.

The confidence built from this work is what is absolutely needed for you to live a life in your fullest, and for your partner to see you as trust worthy to open up and connect in deep intimacy and sex.



I practise what I preach. I have several years of experience of the work I do and keep do daily in my own relationships and struggles I meet.

This brings embodied confidence and safety to the session, so we can reach the depth needed together and awake the highest good in you.

I work for you to not need me. You leave the coachingprogram equipped with the tools, the deeper knowledge and embodied experience needed to keep momentum in your journey and to meet future challenges as possibilites of growth and further expansion. It's an investment that keeps on giving to do this journey.

"She is not leaving you because of your mistakes, but because you are not owning them, nor honoring her experience" 

I experience an inner unconditional confidence, devotion and love that builds from the embodiment of inner work.  To choose fierce compassion in owning all parts of me at the same time as seeing how my actions affect others is the space from which the divine in me awakens. I feel whole. From this place I experience that I can grow to whatever my heart desires. Are you ready to allow more of you?



Mattis has an ability to create a security that allows me to be my whole self. To get in touch with and show what is shameful, challenging and life changing. He supported me to see what I really need and my ability to change my life into what I long for."

— Ali, 37

“I have had a feeling of emptiness in life and had difficulty showing emotions and creating deeper intimacy in relationships and it is something that Mattis helped me with that has given me indescribable value in my life.” 

— Johan, 57

"I had the opportunity to work with both the mental and the physical linked to early traumas and events that affected me in my life. What I otherwise avoid became lessons learned and something I grew from and I am a completely different woman on the other side of that job with Mattis."

— Donna, 42


  • Have intimate healthy relationships
  • Heal the core of your life challenges and traumas
  • Expand your embodied capacity embodied and present with life
  • Master masculine and feminine aspects and experience greater intimacy and sex
  • Explore and reconnect to the spiritual aspect of you

The Coaching Program is a 3-month immersive with 10 online sessions. Sessions are about 90 min depending on whats needed. 

Also included

 + Tools and practices to support your journey

 + Unlimited support via text or voice message between sessions

 + Invitation to supporting community after coaching package is finished


A foundational reason for success in your deeper personal challenges is to be in connection to others doing this work.

A circle of dedicated men that support each other in both meeting the wounds and to step up for the sake of all the things you love in life. 

  • A brotherhood of support and accountability around the challenge you are in
  • Personal coaching in front of the group with Mattis 
  • A brother to team up with as support between meetings
  • You get to see others doing the inner work and facing their challenges and inspires by their curage and vulnerability 
  • Understanding of women and the importance of masculine and feminine polarities to keep intimacy and relationships thriving


My mission for man

is to be leader and a fierce loving truth to wake up and sharpen the masculine to become what it longs to be, a carrier of love, safety and integrity.

My mission for woman

is to be an embodied safe being by knowing my truth and support her to relax, heal and find her safety and mature vibrant radiance within. 

My mission for leaders

is to model and teach an emotional intelligent leadership where the wholness of the employees are taken into account. With increased phsycological safety the the full potential of both leaders and companies are enabled.

Life can be lived not from fear but from your deeper truth of lust, joy, love and humble devotion to the beauty and miracle of our existance in deep intimacy and connection with others. This is the potential we all have, are you ready to start your journey with me?