Teambuilding and talks that makes a differance


Inspirational talks


How do we dare when we don´t? To understand and see yourself.

  "Inspirerande, Mattis berör eftersom han är sig själv helt och hållet."

 - Frank Krönert, 47 år, projektledare

  "Ett spännande, lite annorlunda inslag. Blev nyfiken på att veta mer."

 - Britt-Marie Degerholm, ekonomi administratör

  "Mattis gör ett starkt och karismatiskt intryck på scenen. Han sticker ut."

 - Johan Claesson, 52 år, projektledare


"Jag tyckte om övningarna som fick ett annat djup i relationen med mina kollegor."

- Deltagare Anna Jonsson, 31, projektledning

"Positiv. Intressant att lyssna på. Bra med Mattis tekniska bakgrund vilket gör att det finns en förståelse för deltagarna som är ingenjörer"

- Maria Strandberg, 43 år, Gruppchef

To change patterns in oneself and in a group trust and vunerability is needed. Together we design what your group needs to create a fundation from which all can feel good, dare to speak-up and at the same time be effective. A group event that strengthen the individual and creates motivation to go for the culture you want in your team. A both fun and deepening experience were you get to know each other better.


Practical excercises are mixed with theory and we challenge your comfortzones and learn to handle stress in a relaxed and humours way.


A teambuilding event can be during all from half a day to, what I recommend, a 4 times package spread over 1-2 month. Why do I recommend that?


Because to realize a change in culture in a group takes both awareness, will and time. The 4 times then have different themes that build on the previous meeting. The content is similar to the course in Self-Ledership described under courses but with more of a group focus with more experience based exercises.